Created in 2019,  [REDACTED] content was designed as a producer centric scalable production solution. We produce live action projects across multiple platforms by servicing your ideas with creative talent from our network of visual storytellers, content creators and skilled technicians.  
Our production model is simple: we work with no overhead, and scale up our team to the exact needs of the job, ensuring you get the right resources and solutions to bring the creative vision to life without any superfluous costs. There are a lot of steps in a production that need to go right, so we don’t want to waste time not being aligned or avoiding discussing the important details. Despite our name, we don’t like keeping things secret and are very transparent. We are the partner you can trust and rely on.
When it comes to production, this quote says it best: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”  We come prepared for the punch.  We always have a plan, a plan for when the plan doesn’t go to plan, and a plan for how to plan for the unexpected change in plans.  We are upfront and honest, so when the plans do change, you won’t want to punch us in the mouth.

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