Who is [REDACTED] Content?

Who we are is quite the existential question. Who are any of us really? The “we” in this case is a group of top tier creators and producers led by Owner/Executive Producer Dave Bernstein. A 25+ year industry vet, Dave has produced at the top production companies in the world on national campaigns for GEICO, Nike, Microsoft, AT&T, Playstation, Old Navy, & Jeep as well as several branded content projects and short films.

Our approach is simple: we work with no overhead, and scale up our team to the exact needs of the job, ensuring you get the right resources and solutions to bring the creative vision to life without any superfluous costs. And unlike our name suggests, we don’t believe in keeping things secret. There’s a lot of steps in a production that need to go right. Our team of directors and producers are natural collaborators, and we don’t want to waste time not being aligned or avoiding discussing the important details. We want to be the partner you know you can always trust and rely on.

When it comes to production, we think Mike Tyson said it best: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” You can get hit and be startled, or expect to be hit and be ready for it. That’s why we always have a plan, a plan for when the plan doesn’t go to plan, and a plan for how to plan for the unexpected change in plans. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure to be upfront and honest, so when the plans do change, you won’t want to punch us in the mouth.


To view, Dave’s producing credits and past work, feel free to visit: findersfeeinc.com